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A domain name is an identity or brand on the internet. This will allow you to use a domain name for email, website and much more. An example of a domain name is

To establish a domain name, it will need to be registered. For your convenience ProWeb can register the domain name and this will be directed to our servers which will show coming soon page. Optionally FREE url redirection and email forwarding services are available when parking the domain name. Once your domain name is registered, ProWeb will provide you with the domain name information, where you can have the facility to edit the domain name details.

When you are ready for website hosting, just select one of our hosting plans that we offer.

Domain Parking Features.

  • URL Redirection
  • Email forwarding

Check Availability.

Check to see if the domain name you require is available by checking it out.  We have access to many more types of domain names for registration, enquire now!

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Which Domain Name?

Type Classification Annual $

New Zealand

.nz New! All organisations & individuals $ 36.00 Commercial organisations $ 36.00 Internet organisations $ 36.00 Non-profit organisations $ 36.00 Individuals and general purposes $ 36.00 Tertiary educational institutions $ 36.00 Primary / Secondary schools & related organisations $ 36.00 Maori communities $ 36.00 Geek / Tech communities $ 36.00 Uniquely New Zealand $ 36.00


.com Commercial organisations & individuals $ 36.00
.net Internet organisations $ 36.00
.org Non-profit organisations $ 36.00
.biz Commercial organisations $ 36.00
.info Information provider $ 36.00
.mobi Mobile products & services $ 59.00


.tv Multimedia & broadcasting $ 99.00 UK commercial organisations $ 36.00
.us US general purpose $ 36.00
.co Commercial organisations $ 69.00
.kiwi Uniquely Kiwi (New Zealand) $ 54.00
.guru Are you a guru with unique flair? $ 70.00
.me It's about you $ 70.00

All prices are in New Zealand dollars and exclusive of GST. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Domain Names also available include: .graphics, .enterprises, .domains, .computer, .builders, .ventures, .diamonds, .careers, .voyage, .limo, .camera, .bike, .center, .solutions, .singles, .recipies, .kitchen, .gallery, .photography, .technology, .tips, .company, .management, .email, .equipment, .lighting, .directory, .today, .photos, .systems, .construction, .plumbing, .clothing, .estate, .support, .holdings, .training, .academy, .cab, .shoes, .land, .contractors

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