How to access FTP area

To access your FTP area, you will need a FTP client such as FileZilla, can obtained from

The FTP server is located at the following address:

  • Linux platform -
  • Windows platform -

Your username is your Customer ID and password is your FTP password.
Please Note: Anonymous Access is Denied on the FTP servers.

Once you have access to your FTP are you will get a directory listing of the contents of your FTP area. From this point you can upload/download data from your FTP area.

If you are experiencing problems getting a directory listing or uploading/downloading data, try using passive mode. Passive mode is useful if you are behind a firewall or NAT device.

On our Linux platform we offer FTPES - FTP over Explicit TLS/SSL encryption for security.  When you first connect you will need to accept the security certificate.

If you require support please contact us.