ProWeb is able to provide web hosting which includes website disk space, email storage & traffic.  We make an ongoing commitment to investing in resource and technology that ensures our services run at an optimal performance and availability.  ProWeb actively monitors resource usage and we will let you know if your usage becomes excessive or affects performance of the web hosting platform.

So what is excess usage?

If you are one of the small percentage of sites we host that need to use significantly more resources than what we consider fair, we will contact you to discuss future charges and / or alternative options if we deem usage to be in excess.  An option is to pre-pay for a resource pack, which is a more cost effective option when compared to excess usage charges.

What are examples of excessive usage?

  • You use your website storage space to store and/or backup large quantities of files
  • You start using large amounts of bandwidth hosting files for other websites
  • Setup one website, then setup dozens of email addresses for other domains
  • Any other types of excessive usage as per Service Agreement.

We do not allow high-volume sites, file archives or free email services. For this type of usage contact ProWeb for options.

If you have any queries please contact us.