What is virtual hosting?

Virtual hosting allows more than one domain name to be hosted on a single server, meaning websites using a domain name need not maintain their own dedicated machine. This technology has become standard for web hosting.

When you start an account with ProWeb your domain will be a virtual host on one of the ProWeb Web Servers. There are no drawbacks to this type of hosting.


Are there any content restrictions?

Yes, there are restrictions on specific types of content. Please see our Service Agreement for full details.


What is my traffic allowance?

Traffic is dependant on what type of account you are using. Please see the details on your web hosting plan.


Where are your services located?

ProWeb primarily operates its services from our datacentre located based in Auckland, New Zealand.

ProWeb also has some selected services provided from Australia and USA.


What support services are available?

Besides our comprehensive website, ProWeb also can handle support via email Email Address, hosting manager or Telephone +64 9 969 4468.

Telephone support is available during business hours Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5pm and online support is available 24/7.

All contact details are listed on the contact us page.