What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the unique address that people use to access your website. The domain name system is much like the vehicle registration system. No two number plates can be the same, so no two domain names can be the same.

An example of a domain name is: proweb.co.nz

A domain name is made up of three parts. First the suffix which identifies the country of the domain name's origin. For example, '.nz' represents New Zealand.

The next part represents the type of name. For example, '.co' represents Commercial, '.org' represents Organisation, and '.net' represents Network. There are many choices for representation.

The third part is the third level of the domain name, for example 'proweb'. This is the part you register, it may be your business name, brand name, product name or a short description of some sort.

And finally, the 'www' of the domain name which stands for "world wide web" is added in by the ProWeb DNS Administrator. You can put your domain name to more use by adding words other than 'www', for example, 'support.proweb.co.nz'.


How do I transfer a registered domain to your servers?

When you start an account with ProWeb we will transfer the existing domain name for you or you can do yourself through the ProWeb Domain Name Manager.

If the domain name is registered in New Zealand or a generic top level we will require the UDAI / EPP code.
Note: For .nz domain names, UDAI code expires 30 days after it is generated, and we recommend that new code is generated prior to / for the transfer.

If the domain name is registered in another country, there is different requirements, please contact us for further information.

Your current provider should be able to provide you with the above information.


Can I use a remotely hosted domain on your servers?

Yes, you can host your domain name with another provider and still use it for your website / email on the ProWeb Servers. In fact, a few of our clients do this. However we recommend that the domain name is transferred to the ProWeb DNS Servers.

When you order your account be sure to specify that you require this service. You will then need to ask your domain name provider to point the domain name to our servers for your services required, i.e. website, email.

Please contact us for further details.


Can I have more than one domain for my site?

Yes, you can add multiple domain names to your site. These can either be directed to specific directory within your site or to your root directory.

Please contact us for further details.