Tired of receiving Viruses and Spam emails? Is this causing you wasted time and frustration?

We bring to you a solution that will endeavour to detect Viruses and Spam emails.

Email Guardian - AntiVirusEmail Guardian Icon is a server-based virus scanner, it will remove all known viruses before it reaches you, giving you an extra line of protection against viruses. ProWeb recommends that you still have anti virus software on your PC, to be protected against other methods of distribution of viruses.

Email Guardian - AntiSpamEmail Guardian Icon filters out unwanted Spam email by using a combination of proven technologies, including Bayesian Filters, Spam Assassian, Black and White lists, to name a few.

Bayesian filtering technology calculates the probability of a message being Spam by analysing the message content. Spam Assassin uses a wide range of heuristic tests and calculates the total number of hits the message meets.

You control how AntiVirus and AntiSpam works for you. You can choose to use either AntiVirus and AntiSpam filtering. ProWeb recomments to combine both AntiVirus and AntiSpam to take the full advantage of Email Guardian technology.

AntiVirus Features.

AntiVirus scanning performed on the ProWeb Mail Servers
Protection from known viruses
Enabled for all email addresses

AntiSpam Features.

Uses multiple AntiSpam filtering technologies
You control how SPAM email's are dealt with (deliver to mailbox, deliver to spam folder, delete)
Is able to identify a high percentage of Spam email's


Service $
Monthly Fee - Email Guardian (AntiVirus and AntiSpam) included

All prices are in New Zealand dollars and exclusive of GST. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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