This is a key part to make your website successful. Website promotion is basically announcing your website to the world. Website promotion can work for you if you promote it the right way and in the right place. You don't need a big budget to announce your site to the world. If you do it properly you can start earning money from your website.

It is also constantly proven if you don't promote your website the visitors don't come and if you do promote the website the visitors will come.

Website promotion works best when an on-going promotional plan is in place.

Website promotion consists of.

  • Listing on search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Search NZ, etc
  • Advertising on search engines, such as Google AdWords
  • Banner advertising, such as Google AdSense
  • Advertising in magazines, newspapers
  • Advertising in social media, such as Facebook
  • And more...


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